Latest Looks in Home Interiors

Cooler weather and leafy color palettes of orange, red and yellow cue the arrival of Fall. Mother Nature does her seasonal redecorating giving traction to several trends for home interiors. The “Farm to Table” Movement fosters locally grown ingredients for the dinner table and inspires a whole style of décor that nods to vintage classics such as Maxim Lighting’s Hi-Bay pendants over a butcher-block island with vintage kitchen accessories.

Metallics pair with fur to add visual warmth in the colder months. Consider the Arabesque collection with its golden silver metallic patterning and crystal bead strands or the Alexander collection’s bronze mesh shades alongside animal hide or faux fur rugs to complete the look.

The DIY Culture continues to define a style known as “The Makers Movement.” This is about artisan-crafted or hand-assembled such as The Comet Collection where you configure the metallic and crystal branches by hand and mix it with other handcrafted pieces.

For those who love contrast, Rough-Luxe style juxtaposes raw with refined as a warmer counterbalance to cooler contemporary or industrial styles

Accessorize any of these trending looks with faceted objects such as the Cirque collection that mimic the cuts of gemstones, oversized prints and acrylic or Lucite such as the Fizz collection that bridges trendy and timeless style.

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