Meet The Family

With endless choices, shopping online for lighting and decor can be overwhelming. At LNY, we simplify your buying experience by taking care of you every step of the way, leaving you proud of the space you’ve created. Meet the people who stand behind the LNY Guarantee.

Aaron Covaleski, Digital Advertising Manager Aaron Covaleski
Digital Advertising Manager

Aislinn Kunkel, Product Data Specialist Aislinn Kunkel
Product Data Specialist

Alista Lebo, B2B Marketing Specialist Alista Lebo
B2B Marketing Specialist

April Merrick, Lighting Expert April Merrick
Lighting Expert

Ashlee Knouse, Customer Care Advocate Ashlee Knouse
Customer Care Advocate

Ashley Troup, Partner Brand Manager Ashley Troup
Partner Brand Manager

Benjamin Koch, Logistics Specialist Benjamin Koch
Logistics Specialist

Brian Mayer, Lighting Expert Brian Mayer
Lighting Expert

Bryan MacPherson, Lighting Expert Bryan MacPherson
Lighting Expert

Chris Praul, Data Team Manager Chris Praul
Data Team Manager

Chrystal Mitch, Customer Care Manager Chrystal Mitch
Customer Care Manager

Cody Daddario, Lighting Expert Cody Daddario
Lighting Expert

Cody Kratzer, Web Development Manager Cody Kratzer
Web Development Manager

Cristy Latsha, Customer Care Advocate Cristy Latsha
Customer Care Advocate

Curt Wetzel, IT Systems Manager Curt Wetzel
IT Systems Manager

Dana Walter, Lighting Expert Dana Walter
Lighting Expert

Derek Kloostra, eCommerce Vice President Derek Kloostra
eCommerce Vice President

Emily Temple, Graphic Designer Emily Temple
Graphic Designer

Gary Fitterman, CEO Gary Fitterman

Glen Hyman, Lighting Expert Glen Hyman
Lighting Expert

Heather Dowd, Customer Care Advocate Heather Dowd
Customer Care Advocate

Heidi Wesley, Administrative Assistant Heidi Wesley
Administrative Assistant

Hubert Twigg, Director of Web Development and Technology Hubert Twigg
Director of Web Development and Technology

Jackie Zettlemoyer, Customer Care Advocate Jackie Zettlemoyer
Customer Care Advocate

Jannelle Morgan, eCommerce Merchandising Manager Jannelle Morgan
eCommerce Merchandising Manager

Jared Fitterman, Customer Care Advocate Jared Fitterman
Customer Care Advocate

Jean Marie Dizzine, Lighting Expert Jean Marie Dizzine
Lighting Expert

Jeannette Stoppiello, Lighting Expert Jeannette Stoppiello
Lighting Expert

Jeff Franquet, Logistics Specialist Jeff Franquet
Logistics Specialist

Jeffrey Kunkel, Web Developer Jeffrey Kunkel
Web Developer

Jim Perkins, Director of Marketing Jim Perkins
Director of Marketing

Jon Arneson, Logistics Manager Jon Arneson
Logistics Manager

Josh Franco, Customer Care Advocate Josh Franco
Customer Care Advocate

Josh Gabel, Web Developer Josh Gabel
Web Developer

Kassy Keister, Customer Care Advocate Kassy Keister
Customer Care Advocate

Katelyn Myers, Print Marketing Specialist Katelyn Myers
Print Marketing Specialist

Kelsey Deem, Customer Care Advocate Kelsey Deem
Customer Care Advocate

Kyle Clayton, IT Specialist Kyle Clayton
IT Specialist

Lamar Bruckhart, Sales Manager Lamar Bruckhart
Sales Manager

Lindsay Dressler, Marketplace Coordinator Lindsay Dressler
Marketplace Coordinator

Lisa Wagner, Customer Care Advocate Lisa Wagner
Customer Care Advocate

Lynanne Stuempfle, Lighting Expert Lynanne Stuempfle
Lighting Expert

Mark Hartman, Product Data Specialist Mark Hartman
Product Data Specialist

Marlyn Flynn, Search Marketing Specialist Marlyn Flynn
Search Marketing Specialist

Mary-Grace Rearden, Lighting Expert Mary-Grace Rearden
Lighting Expert

Melissa Mitchell, Customer Care Advocate Melissa Mitchell
Customer Care Advocate

Michelle Campbell, Product Data Specialist Michelle Campbell
Product Data Specialist

Nakia Bennett, Lighting Expert Nakia Bennett
Lighting Expert

Nichole Diehl, Marketplace Specialist Nichole Diehl
Marketplace Specialist

Patricia Thall, Lighting Expert Patricia Thall
Lighting Expert

Patrick Goodling, Shipping and Receiving Clerk Patrick Goodling
Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Raheema Benson, Lighting Expert Raheema Benson
Lighting Expert

Rich Boone, Director of Operations Rich Boone
Director of Operations

Sandy Wolfley, Customer Care Advocate Sandy Wolfley
Customer Care Advocate

Simon McAuliffe, Product Data Specialist Simon McAuliffe
Product Data Specialist

Tessa Young, Lighting Expert Tessa Young
Lighting Expert

Ty Turner, Email Marketing Specialist Ty Turner
Email Marketing Specialist

Wendy Pellegrino, Lighting Expert Wendy Pellegrino
Lighting Expert

Yalonda Maneval, Customer Care Advocate Yalonda Maneval
Customer Care Advocate


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